The 2019 UK Flare Award Ceremony at BAFTA : Creative Photography

I had the pleasure to take photos for of the 2019 UK Flare Award Ceremony at BAFTA last Sunday, 7 April 2019.

There are the official photos on

And there are some rather unofficial ones, the ones of my colleagues which we did to test the lighting conditions. And there are also some with such well-known actresses like Shabana Azmi, Radhika Apte  or Nisha Aaliya.  The biggest name however was Ramesh Sippy, the director of Sholaya, a classic that combined Italo western style with Bollywood musical.

Ramesh Sippy turned up in old school style and asked what his favourite movies are, he didn’t mention a Sergio Leone film, but listed ‘Gone with the wind’, ‘Dr. Zhivago’ and ‘Lawrence oif Arabia’.

Enjoy the photos.