baker street meet and Paul Oberschneide
baker street meet and Paul Oberschneide

Baker Street Property Meet With Successful Entrepreneur Paul Oberschneider

Ranjan Bhattacharya hosts the Baker Street Property Meet, a property investors networking event in London. Every month, more than hundreds property investors come together to discuss property business topics.

Last month, Baker Street Property Meet with successful property developer Paul Oberschneider for an interview. And, Crystalfilm had the privilege of shooting and making the editing of the interview

Paul Oberschneider, an American-Estonian Businessman

Paul Oberschneider changed his career from a Wall Street Trader to a property investor. You can get more information about him at Wikipedia. It sounds like, I came, didn’t want it and I was lucky but it is one of those stories which may be coincidental, but are still the logical result of foundations laid earlier.

His story happened in Eastern Europe after the fall of the wall when the free market economy was re-introduced and people who had an understanding of how it works and preparedness for just doing it could become the winners. As a former trader, he had both. He understood capitalism and just being out of work he was open to doing something.

Interesting story.

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