1. Crystalfilm Productions Ltd (‘crystalfilm’) offers two membership schemes: a) Standard Membership  b) Premium Membership
  2. The membership fee is paid monthly and applies for the duration of 1 month from the date of the payment. If a member can provide an applicable promotional coupon-code, the membership fee for a next period of 1 month days will be free.
  3. Standard and Premium members benefit from reduced rates. The applicable rates are published in the calculation table on the website Rates are subject to change and are fixed in an agreed quote for a specific project.
  4. Crystalfilm offers a quasi inhouse relationship for Premium members, which will involve to offer a regular exchange (minimum on a monthly basis) to allow crystalfilm to have a good understanding of the requirements, taste and needs of the Premium member with regard to the video services. Privacy and GDPR rules apply.
  5. Where crystalfilm’s pricing is time related it is on a minute/ hourly basis. Started minutes or hours count as full minutes or hours and as agreed in the quote. Premium members benefit from an exact down to the second calculation and pay for the exact time the service is provided.
  6. Crystalfilm offers access to provided footage and formerly produced videos. During a resting membership, this service won’t be provided, but the footage will be stored. If the membership is not re-activated within half a year,  crystalfilm reserves the right to delete the footage.
  7. Standard and Premium members have the right to demand the deletion of the provided footage. Only Premium members have the right to demand deletion of a video made by crystalfilm on their behalf.
  8. Whilst crystalfilm aims at responding times of max 48 hours and will strictly provide services within the agreed time frames, there may be situations where a prioritisation is required.  Premium members have the right to get immediate response (within 3 hours) and their projects will have priority.
  9. Other benefits of a membership are:

9.1 An increased number of revisions. Revisions are corrections of agreed features. Extending the visual content wouldn’t be seen as revisions.

9.2 No advance payment is required.

  1.  A membership applies until either crystalfilm or the member cancel the membership.
  2. Members can terminate a membership at any time. The membership ceases after the end of the one month period after the last payment date.
  3. Members can only receive the benefits of a membership during a membership. If a member cancels a membership while a service is ongoing, the price for that part of the service that is provided after cancellation of the membership will be invoiced on a non-membership basis unless crystalfilm has been responsible for the unplanned delay of the service.
  4. If a member is dissatisfied with the membership service, he can claim the money back of the last paid membership fee. Any production service provided in the associated membership period will be invoiced on the basis of a non-membership.
  5.  Standard and Premium members can temporarily up to 6 months rest the membership. In a resting membership, membership fees are not payable, but resting members still have access to the production hub as registered clients. Resting membership can be re-activated at any time by sending an email in the communication tool of the production hub. For a resting Premium membership, the quasi inhouse relationship will rest as well.
  6. Premium members can downgrade their membership to a standard membership.
  7. Premium Members can request that there is no logo or signature by crystalfilm without an additional fee as part of the inhouse service and that the video is not shown as part of crystalfilm’s portfolio.
  8. Crystalfilm reserves the right to change the membership rules with a calendar month notice.

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