"Throughout my career I have covered almost all parts of the filmmaking process, but I also have experience in getting together teams. I learnt to create something with no or a very low budget. Of course, it is much more convenient to have sufficient funding, but to a certain extent budget limitation can incentivise to be very creative. My aim is always to create something special.”
Frank Gelmeroda Founder of crystalfilm
Frank Gelmeroda
Founder of Crystalfilm

Frank Gelmeroda set up crystalfilm in 2007, originally to support his feature film production.

His interest is film whether it is feature film, short film or videos for corporate video productions services. He is excited about film/video as visual form to communicate, to entertain or to teach.

He started to make videos in the 90ies. These were short videos. He then made the feature film ‘Rubicon or: Let’s talk about Hell’. This is an experimental feature film with the aim to create a different kind of visual abstract experience.

Therefore, crystalfilm can be a good fit to corporates or organisations who look for that special touch for their presentational, promotional, explaining or learning videos.

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